August 26th, 2004

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I've received 9 "blank emails" this morning... no subject, no body, no headers, nothing.... at most I normally get one a day, but this morning, that is about all I've gotten!
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Update on the SP2 Post...

If you remember this post from the other day, I think I have "solved" the problem, no thanks to the unresponsive people at MSN. I can now "Sign In" to the MSN sites using Opera, MSN Messenger, or IE.
I uninstalled the XP Service Pack 2 I downloaded from HERE, and, now that it is on Windows Update, downloaded and installed it from there today. All sites are now working like they should. May have to stop taking advice from Leo Laporte, who provided the link to the first one last week.

Well, gonna get away from the computer a few hours, "Eastenders" is on, and also, my old high school friend James Stricklin will be stopping by in an hour or so.
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