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August 1st, 2004

drink coffee

What, Again?

Just woke up, guess after I shower, need to head to the grocery store. Let the cat and I run low on food stuffs again. Just put the last of the Meow Mix in his bowl, gave him the last can of Fancy Feast, and all I have is some leftover Red Baron pizza from yesterday, some microwave popcorn, some saltines, and some sliced American cheese....
drink coffee

(no subject)

Turned on the channel on the television for "Eastenders" at 8pm... big screen came up saying I had to order it. I said to myself "WTF??", being as I called Dish Network last Saturday and ordered it for a month. So I went online to try and re-order it, since there is a $5 charge for calling in to order what is termed "pay-per-view", and after entering my online ordering passcode on the website, I got an "Error 05" message, saying my order could not be processed at this time.
So, since I was missing tonights episode, I call Dish Network. I explain I ordered a month last Saturday, but only got a week... 2 episodes. The girl on the phone said I ordered that day for the MONTH of July, which the person when I ordered it (before I found out where online I could order it) who I talked to last Saturday didn't explain well. I thought they went in 30-day increments. Turns out if you order anytime during the month, for a month, you get charged for the month you call in.
So, since it wasn't explained to me properly, I got a $6 credit off of last month. Girl said, "You know there will be a $5 charge added to tonight's order?" I said, "Whoa, wait a minute! I tried to order online to save the $5 charge, and got an error message. If you are going to charge me under that circumstance, cancel the order!"
She then says, since I couldn't order online, the $5 will be waived.
I would order it via my TV remote if there was an option to order it on a monthly basis. Only option I've found on the Dish Network box is the "per episode" option, at $3.95 a night, which at 8 episodes a month, adds up to way more than the $9.95/month.
Going to go finish watching tonights episode, then watch "Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers" on Encore(will like it if it is as good as "Fellowship of the Rings" was last night, my first time seeing that one also).