July 21st, 2004

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Wild Women On The Loose In New Orleans

Before my mom and aunt Sybil left for New Orleans Saturday, she said they would be there about three days. I kind of expected her back sometime yesterday as a result. Just got a call from her, they decided they are going to stay till Friday. I let her know her cat next door is still doing fine (been checking on him twice a day), and that I "fixed" her 'puter from the garbage my uncle put on it. They are staying at Sybil's sons house. At least now I know what number to call if I need to call her for anything, since it showed up on the caller-ID.

They are doing a story on the local news about the 100th anniversary of the hamburger... they are making me hungry....
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I find those "Charlie Chat" broadcasts on Dish Network very informative, but they need a new sound person. None of the microphones have the same level, and the handheld mics the "specialists" are holding have an annoying pop when a word with a "P" is said... wonder if they know the meaning of the word "windscreen"? Hell, the recordings my friends and I did back in the 1980's on cheap amateur equipment have better audio quality than the Charlie Chats!
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