July 15th, 2004

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Geek Speak...

Just got back from next door at my moms house. Had to fix her computer again (the one I gave her after getting this one). It keeps locking up on boot up. It hits the "Compaq" logo screen and just hangs there. I booted in safe mode, ran scandisc, and fixed some errors. Seems to be working properly again, at least for a while.
I'm thinking the main problem is that Norton Systemworks software my uncle put on her computer awhile back. The computer only has 128MB ram, and Systemworks is a resource hog. I use Norton Anti-Virus on this computer, it by itself is fine, but all that other stuff is useless. Thinking maybe sometime this weekend, while her and my Aunt Sybil are in New Orleans to see my aunts son, I'll go next door, wipe Systemworks off that computer, and, since my mom doesn't spend a whole lot of time online, install AVG free anti-virus on it.
Might install Opera also. Internet Exploder has been having too many security issues lately. I'll probably download AVG and Opera here, put them on a CD to bring over there. It would take forever to download them on her dial-up connection.
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