July 13th, 2004



Why does it seem that EVERY company I do business with, doesn't have a clue what they are doing? BellSouth screws up my phone and DSL, and I, after cancelling service on April 13,2004 with Time Warner Cable (I know the date, because it is on the yellow reciept they gave me for returning their equipment to their office), they are still trying to bill me for service, after I have called three times since then, sent two emails, and returned their bills with "Cancelled service:Return To Sender" written on the envelope! What does it take to get the morons working there to understand I no longer have service with them!

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The charges they are still trying to bill me include the programming that would have been on digital cable, which required the box that I returned that day. Needless to say, I called those asshats, told them the date I should have been disconnected. They said the person in charge of billing was "with a customer" and would call me back after she was finished. That was around 1:30pm, nearly 5 hours ago. No call yet.
I cancelled service before the next billing cycle was due, so I don't owe them squat, yet they have been constantly billing monthly since then. I have had Dish Network since a little bit after cancelling Time/Warner's high priced, inferior service, I haven't even had their "precious little wire" connected to my television! Geesh!

/steamed rant now over....return to your regularly scheduled programming....
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Just got an "offline" pop-up message on the Yahoo portion of Trillian, someone from Indonesia saying she saw my profile in the Yahoo directory and wanted to add me to her friends list. I checked the profile, like I always do in those circumstances, and knew right away, either "spammer" or "someone looking for money". Hell, if that really is the persons picture, she looks like she has more money than I do at the moment! I'm not quite as dumb as I look.
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