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July 9th, 2004

drink coffee

(no subject)

If you ever wanted to download your entire LiveJournal to your hard drive as HTML files, I found a program on Lockergnome.com that will do just that. It is called "LiveJournal Blog Downloader" and you can get it HERE...
drink coffee


I've just spent nearly 9 hours straight in front of this blasted computer, with the result of making my ill-fated website look more stupid than it did before. As a result, my eyes are shot! Not sure why, but earlier today, upgraded my site from Geocities Pro(25MB space, 10GB bandwidth) to Yahoo Web Hosting for $3 more a month(50MB space, 20GB bandwidth). The Yahoo Web Hosting has a more feature packed web editor, thus the "uniform" navigation I added today. I know space wise I need to think up some more pages, but how many hits a month, for the doofusly inclined, does 20GB/month equal up to?

Another change, I made the thumbnails appear in a new window, instead of the same window, as before.