June 16th, 2004

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Don't Get The Facination

Am I the only one that doesn't see what is the big deal about Google's "GMail"? I've seen a few people on my friends list wanting a beta account, and literally hundreds of people requesting "invites" on "TotalFark.com". Maybe it is because I don't like sending ads to people, and yesterday, Yahoo Mail Plus that I subscribe to, just upped my storage limit from 25MB to 2 GB. I never get enough "important" email to "store it" anyway. I just download off the server, read, and delete. I don't think I ever used even 2 MB of my 25MB limit as a result.

Anyway, to change the subject entirely, here is a funny Flash animation (NSFW), stolen from robont who stole it from grendel.
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Budget, Check Engine, etc.

This being out of a job is hitting my budget hard... just called up to knock about $40 off my Dish Network bill each month. I'm keeping the "Top 180" basic package, but getting rid of HBO/Cinemax, Starz, and "channel 496".

Ran up to the store just now, darn "Check Engine" light in my truck popped on again. Last year, it was doing that, but the light went off before I got over to the Ford place. They hooked the truck up to the diagnostics, but said they couldn't find a problem. Chances are, the light would go off again before I made it there, so I'm just going to ignore it until something happens I guess.

Finally, I think this woman would cause a man to cough up a major hairball... Collapse )
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Redesigns and whatnot...

Trying something "different" with the webcam page, all the kinks aren't out of it yet though. Eliminated the "java refresh" cam, and switched to the regular "meta refresh" format, figured it would be more compatible with peoples browsers. Left the applet for the stream cam though. Since I know very little HTML, I'm surprised the page isn't more "buggy" than it is! Went next door to my moms earlier while she was at work and tested it there also.
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