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June 11th, 2004

drink coffee

Stolen From desireemichelle

bourbon heart
Heart of Bourbon

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drink coffee


As I was leaving earlier to go to the grocery store, I noticed my moms car, which she parks under the carport next to my truck since she doesn't have one next door, had a completely flat front left tire. I believe this was the first time in several years I've had to change a flat. All she had was that little "bicycle spare"(as I call them) to replace it with. We found a nail, a screw, and a crack in the tire. I believe it is beyond repair. It was too late to take it anywhere to get a new one, so she said after she loads up her car with mail in the morning, on her way out to her route, she will go by the tire place she does most of her business with and get a new one.
After that, being I was dripping sweat, I came back in the house, showered(again), changed clothes, and went grocery shopping. Got home shortly after 9pm, a little later than I planned. Now going to fix something to eat, and relax awhile. I'll probably be sore by morning, Those lug nuts were on rather tight, and I haven't "exercised" much lately.