April 29th, 2004

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Day So Far...

Just got back from putting in an application at the local radio station I regularly listen to, heard they were hiring for a part time on-air disc jockey. On the way home, I stopped by the Texaco gas station where I regularly buy my gas, and found a $20 bill by the pump! Now, going to eat the chicken strip dinner I picked up at Sonic.

Besides that, not much else happenin' here at the moment. Just wish I'd hurry and hear something from one of the many places I've applied at... getting a little "stir crazy" around the house!
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Ack! x 32

For some reason, I can't access the "Tony Mendez Show" and other things I normally could on David Letterman's CBS.com website... I keep getting an error that RealPlayer needs a plugin it can't get....

UPDATE: It seems none of the "entertainment" links at CBS.com will play. The embedded RealPlayer links at CBSNews.com work however.