April 22nd, 2004


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Looks like me and the guy that sent me the instant message yesterday aren't the only two being defrauded. Did a Google search on "MyPaySystems.com", came up with THIS PAGE. Seems to be an even larger scam than I thought!
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I'm Meltinggggg......

Temperatures got up in the 80's today. Even with two box fans running and the windows open, I feel like I'm in a sauna bath! Guess early next week, I need to finally break down and call the air conditioner repair folks and have them fix that condensation catcher so I can turn the air on. Last time I used it, water dripped all over the back and floor of the closet the unit is in. Last thing I'd need is water damage! It is so hot, even Eastwood is having to stretch out in front of a window to stay cool...

Well, since there isn't anything worth watching on the 5 TV channels I currently have, I'm going to go plop my posterior in my big comfy chair and watch some more of the "Sanford & Son" DVD's... ludicris webcam will be running.
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