March 16th, 2004

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Don't you hate waking up and finding all this crap in your email client, even if it IS filtered?? Collapse )

Seems I'm getting more spam now than before the goverment passed that anti-spam legislation, and mostly from my Yahoo account. I don't think that legislation is going to accomplish anything! Spammers should be placed on the "rack" and stretched untill all their ligaments are broken... and the asshats that are actually stupid enough to buy from them!

In other news, too much "drink" again last night, but not as much as I probably would have, providing the house hadn't gone "dark" a little before midnight. Dang "Entergy" pinheads let the electricity go out again. It's strange how it can be a nice day or night and the power is unstable, yet during a raging thunderstorm it is usually very reliable.
Well, off to the shower and to brew up a pot of coffee, to try and rid myself of this "uggh" feeling...
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