March 12th, 2004

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Science Question For The Scientifically Inclined....

If a family is on an alien planet, and someone in the party eats a fruit that hasn't been tested for poisons yet, then grows to be three times his normal size.... how does his clothes grow with him?

/never noticed the descrepancy back when he first saw the episode as a youth....
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    "Lost In Space" Episode 9:The Oasis
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Annoying The Cat....

Think I annoyed my cat "Eastwood" yet again. First it was a "Devo" DVD that made him run from the room, tonight I was browsing this flash animation site I like, sound going through the computer speakers, the cat had the same reaction he had to Devo, eyes wide as saucers, ears perked back, and a sudden dash out of the room!

STILL think that cat is giving me editorial commentary!