February 18th, 2004

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Sent a letter to my "support enforcement" representitive in south Louisiana concerning my tax refunds this year. Last year, Nebraska(where the bitch ex is now) "intercepted" my federal refund, under claims I was over $600 behind in child support. Louisiana said I was AHEAD over $170. Matter of fact, I got a check from the state of Louisiana a few months later for "overpayment". I had the state of Louisiana fax my "payment history" to the state of Nebraska(who they are supposed to be forwarding payments to), but I'm wanting to make sure I get my refund this year. I know I'm not behind! It's a bitch when you can't afford to pay an attorney to figure out WTF the ex is trying to "pull" up there(I KNOW she is up to "something", criminalality runs in her family)...
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