October 21st, 2003

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Dishpan Hands....

FINALLY got off my lazy posterior this morning and washed that pile of dishes by the kitchen sink that had been growing for nearly two and a half weeks....also did a load of laundry.

Oh...remind me, on the few occassions I make coffee here at the house, to ALWAYS empty the filter in the coffee maker...can't remember last time I made coffee, but judging from what the inside of the filter looked like, it must have been quite some time ago...almost never got the thing clean....
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New DVD player can play MP3 files...nice....but only if they are recorded at a frequency of 32-44.1 kHz...those 171 episodes of "The Goon Show" on my hard drive were all recorded using 22kHz...so ran them through dBPowerAmp Converter and made them "compatible" to play on the DVD player...now I can listen in the living room on the good stereo, and not have to worry about making around 85 audio CD's out of them....got 'em all to fit on two MP3 CD's....