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October 6th, 2003

drink coffee

Former Webhost Update

Apparently, judging from recent information, the former webhost bills in the reverse of 98% of everyone else I do business with. They apparently bill at the beginning of the month for the previous month, instead of the beginning of the month for the upcoming month. Only companies I've noticed that do that are the utilities. Everyone else, Yahoo, Fark, Time/Warner Cable, RUSC, bills at the end of a month for the next month, not in reverse. Guess they consider themselves something akin to the electric or phone company... Anyway...it's over and done with...going to avoid the smaller "mom and pop" type companies in the future, and stick with the "big boys"...

In health news...still got the lingering cold...no better, but no worse either...felt feverish, took my temp...registered "normal". "Normal"?!? ME??? That thermometer must be joking! :-P

Oh, well, just got in from work, need to get out of these "Shell" clothes, take a shower, and eat the breakfast I stopped by McDonalds to get...
drink coffee


Must have been a bit NIPPLY outside...Collapse )
drink coffee

Support Enforcement

Went to the mailbox today, along with the usual junk mail was an envelope from Louisiana Support Enforcement. Naturally, when you get something from them, and the ex has been known to wreck havoc in the past, you naturally expect the worse. First thing to cross my mind was, "What is that bitch trying to do THIS time?"
Hesitantly opened the envelope, only to discover no letter...no complaints...just a check to me from the "State of Louisiana,Department of the Treasury, For The Account of Department Of Social Services" for a total of $36.95, RE: Payor IV-D Refund. I never thought they would mail any kind of refunds for overpayment until after the years of support were completed. Guess I was mistaken....oh well...at least I'm not "broke" until payday anymore!
drink coffee

Old Friends

My old high school friend James will be stopping by for a while this evening, since I'm off work, so, I'll leave AlbertCam on, just to invade his privacy...