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August 16th, 2003

drink coffee

Trimming The Budget...

Decided, since my money is still low after paying bills, to eliminate a few "non-essentials"...

1] The quarterly $18 subscription to the downloadable "old radio show" website...got over 100 CD's full already, more than I have time to listen to.
2] The "complete choice" plan from BellSouth, which had lots of calling "features" for a set price. All I ever used was caller-ID, so I knocked it down to just basic phone service with caller ID. Even though cancelling the plan added $4.95 to my DSL bill, I'm STILL saving over $7 a month in total.
3] The "webspace" on "Warped.com". With the domain page, and the free webspace BellSouth provides, don't need Warped anymore. $5 a month saved there.
4] The "Camarades" subscription for a "streaming webcam" and other features like visitor stats, extended "search" of other cams, VCR feature,etc. Not worth the $22.95 a month.

Besides, my fridge has been making "funny growling noises" the past month or so, think it might be about to self-destruct soon..it's at least 15 years old...

And Now, Something I've Never Done Before That I Can Recall...
Friday Five...on Saturday Morning...Collapse )
drink coffee

Random Quotes...

"My wife puts mud on her face before going to bed...I say,"Goodnight,Swamp!"

-Henny Youngman(Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, 1968)
drink coffee

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What I'll be doing for my birthday this Thursday...

1] Go to a "customer service training class" for the job, from 8:30am-11:30am
2] Come home, go to sleep
3] Wake up, go to work at 10pm