August 15th, 2003

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Work..After Leaving Work...

Just finished three "minor changes" on my web site after work this morning. The "navigation system" was always a little "clunky", considering the amount of pages on the site, so I upgraded the navigation to a different clunky system, a "javascript system". Then I edited the java and non-jave webcam pages to "refresh" every 30 seconds instead of every 60 when I am broadcasting. Then finally, in my page editing, I noticed brandyp 's link on my "Online Friends Page" was outdated URL-wise, so I updated it. Don't expect much, I know nothing about HTML!
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Before I Go To Bed, A Dumb Theory...

I've been watching "Fox News" about the big power blackout in the northeast, and I've got a theory about a possible cause...since that is one big power grid basically, and is as overloaded as it is, it may have gotten a magnetic interference burst from the planet Mars, which is closer to the Earth this month than it has been in around 60,000 years, and the extra bit of magnetism was too much for the grid to handle...this is my, off to sleep...
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EXTREMELY Sleepy....

Guess I'm going to have to put up some "Do Not Disturb" type signs on the doors. Got woke up a little after 4pm by LOUD knocking, by the time I put on a robe and got to the door, saw a small blue car leaving the driveway. It took me forever to get back to sleep. Very tired now. Bet it was some idiot wanting to ask about that vacant house two houses down again! I used to know the elderly couple that lived there, but I have no idea who owns the place now, just that about three years ago, there was some heavy remodeling done to the outside of the place, and that occassionally someone comes out and does yardwork. The house has been vacant nearly 7 years...every so often, someone bugs my mother next door and then me about the place, like WE should know anything about it! Wish someone would either move into the place, or it would burn to the ground!

Well, got to go to work...I'm going to be a "walking zombie" all night...
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