August 8th, 2003

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Asshats "Serving the Country"

Got stressed a bit at work last night. Guy comes in with a friend of his around 11:30 last night. Puts a six-pack of "Seagrams Ice" on the counter. Shows me his military ID card, and says I should "give him" the alcohol because he just got back from Iraq. I tell him I can't give away anything, he has to pay like everyone else. He then raises his voice, ranting on about, "Look here m*therf*cker, I've been in Iraq fighting for your freedom, you deserve to show me some respect!" He then turns to his friend and says, "See there, you fight for these people, they couldn't give a sh*t!" I tell him again, he has to pay if he wants the product, and if he continues being rude, I'm going to call the sheriff's department. He storms out of the store swearing, and looks me dead in the eye and says "Okay, m*therf*cker, you remember how you treated me when they start the draft again and you have to go yourself!"

Several points I would have liked to have made to the asshat, if he wasn't such an asshat...One being, I didn't tell you to join the service, that was your own dumb idea!...Two, how was fighting in Iraq protecting MY freedom, it's freeing Iraqis, as far as I can tell, there wasn't an immenent threat to ME by the Iraqi government...and Three, even if they DID resume the "draft", people closer to his age (21) would be called first, they would be scraping the bottom of the barrel by the time they got to 38 year olds!

People like him give the country a bad name...on top of the one most of the world has for it already anyhow...
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