July 5th, 2003

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Regarding Previous Post...

I always enjoy starting controversy! :-)

And ebony was correct...I DID put up a warning sign....if they thought they might be offended, they shouldn't have clicked...

Me, on the other hand...am always the FIRST to click on signs like that... I like "smut"... ;-)

Guess it's a good thing I didn't post a link to the "unlisted page" of my website!
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(no subject)

Before leaving work this morning, I bought 11 "PowerBall" quick-picks and 3 "Louisiana Lotto" quick-picks. I'd be content to win Louisiana's $300,000... but MORE content to win the $200,000,000 PowerBall!
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Random Question...

Do these women that come into the convenience store late at night dressed in low-cut blouses and pants low enough to almost see "it" realize they are torturing a fella like me that hasn't had "any" since the latter part of 1996? Especially those that lean over the counter to write out a check for their purchases?

Anyway...off to what I'm sure will be my third busy night in a row due to the holiday....
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