June 2nd, 2003

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Large Price Hike?

Got a notification that my anti-virus subscription would expire in thirty days, so went ahead and renewed, although was suprised how much Symantec has went up...last time I renewed for a year, on the old PC, using the Norton that came with "Systemworks", it was only $3.95! Wonder if the price difference has anything to do with me not actually purchasing Norton this time...this Norton Anti-Virus came already loaded on the new PC....

Internet Order Number: **********
Order Date: 20030602
Customer Name: Albert Sims
Account ID: *********
Product: Antivirus subscription service - OEM - COMPAQ
Quantity: 1
Price: USD 24.95
Estimated Tax: USD 2.37
Total Charge: USD 27.32

Oh well, haven't been in from work long...need a shower, need to throw my work clothes in the washer, need to eat, need to watch a little news on TV...
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Random Quotes

"What does she mean by 'Eddie's peculiar behavior'? Don't all children howl at a full moon?"

-Lily Munster,1966
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Oooo..the very first episode of "I Dream Of Jeannie"! First time in a few years I've seen it....
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