May 29th, 2003

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Finally...Two Nights Off!

Just completed those eight straight nights of working, now "relaxing time". After I got off work this morning, I ran by Wal-Mart (dang, I miss KMart...), picked up some Evan Williams and a new DVD, which set off Wal-Marts alarm as I was heading out the door, had to go back and show the lady by the door my receipt, and she had to write something in a book before I could leave. Bought "Stephen King's The Shining" the one with Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall(might not ever buy that one), but the made-for-TV version with Steven Weber and Rebecca De Mornay. Ever since seeing it on ABC a few years ago, considered it the better version, because it is truer to the actual novel than Kubrick's was.
After leaving Wal-Mart, stopped by and bought money orders for the phone, electric, and water bills, and mailed them off. Then went by Sonic and got a couple hamburgers and some tots with chili and cheese. Got home, went next door to my moms(although she's at work), to update the "virus definitions" on her computer. She's always unsure about clicking on any update notifications that pop up on the screen, whether from Microsoft or Norton, so she leaves it to me to come over every so often to do the updating for her.
Came back to the house after that, took a shower, shaved, took up some ice from the trays in the freezer(will need ice for my "drinks" soon), emptied my garbage cans, and replaced the batteries in the caller-ID phone in here by the PC, since the indicator was registering low batteries.
NOW, after doing all that in the past two and a half hours or so, I'm going to eat my food from Sonic, kick back in the living room, watch a little news, then put in my DVD, fix my first "strong elixer" for the day, and do nothing else for the rest of the day....until I go to bed!
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