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April 27th, 2003

drink coffee

Before I Leave To Go To Work...

I'd like to say how much I HATE spammers! I've got my filters in Opera set up to ignore numerous words and phrases having to do with porn and mortgage spam subject lines, now those asshats are flooding my box with the same ads, but with subject lines like "Pick up your e-card"..."Hi there"..."Your Newsletter". I've spent a considerable amount of time setting up those filters, apparently to no avail. Can't block phrases like "newsletter" because I subscribe to a few..."Hi There" is a phrase a friend might use...sometimes I really get sent "e-cards". Can't block the addresses, because everytime a spammer sends that shit, they use a different address. I've heard there is some kind of law on the books at the federal level concerning spam that is waiting to be passed...hope they get to work on it soon....I had 45 spams in my email box just now! And that is just since this morning....