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April 24th, 2003

drink coffee


Someone on my friends list was calling themselves a "dork" earlier. Well, no one has SEEN a "dork" until they've seen me in my new work get-up! We no longer wear a "smock" over our regular clothes anymore. Now we have to wear an "issued" shirt with khaki pants...

100% Pure Dork Behind Cut...Collapse )
drink coffee


I was flipping through channels and ran across the movie "Morons From Outer Space". What is it about this film I have always liked? Definitely need to get Suncoast to order the DVD...
drink coffee

News Flash

Some demented 14-year old shoots his principal at a school in Red Lion,PA then shoots self....watching news conference on Fox News Channel...

EDIT: Link... http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=578&ncid=578&e=2&u=/nm/20030424/ts_nm/crime_school_dc
drink coffee


More shootings? Man kills his three children then himself in Nokesville,Virginia.....Fox News Channel....
drink coffee

(no subject)

Didn't sleep worth a darn today...and my sleep schedule is going to be screwed tomorrow also...there's a mandatory crew meeting at work tomorrow afternoon...I'm definitely going to be a zombie by tomorrow night...