March 12th, 2003

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Just completed filing my federal and state taxes. Second year in a row I've managed to accomplish that task without having to mail anything off. Since I didn't work much last year however, I'm not getting much back this year, just $127 federal and $43 state. Every little bit helps though. Filed my federal over the telephone using the "Telefile" thing, since I had no deductions or itemizing to do. Did the state via the Louisiana Dept. of Revenue website, as I did last year. Had to start up Internet Exploder to use the state's website however, a dll was being downloaded for the online form that would not work with Opera. After I finished filing the state tax, I sent an email to "" asking if they have any plans to make their site more "alternative browser" friendly. Granted, several sites I've noticed have a slight problem with Opera, such as "", but you'd expect a state government site to work no matter which browser you choose to use...wait a minute, I'm talking about Louisiana, nevermind....
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A Lot To Learn

My mom has noticed she is already getting spam, no longer than she has had an email address. She told me the other day she would send an email back to them and tell them not to send her any more junk email. I said, "No! If you do that, it will just confirm to them that your email address is active and you will start getting 5 times more spam! DO NOT reply to any spam!"
She didn't get my explaination I think, but she said she would take my advice anyway...
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