March 5th, 2003

drink coffee

Plans For Today

1. Take a shower/shave/get dressed/drink some coffee/watch a little news on TV.
2. Take out the garbage. Pick-up is tomorrow morning.
3. Go over to Suncoast Video and pick up my second season of "Sanford & Son" on DVD. Paid for it about two and a half weeks ago, right after it was released, so I could get it sale priced. They called late yesterday and let me know they finally got it in.
4. Stop by somewhere and pick up something to eat.
5. Come home, watch my DVD's(since I don't go back to work till tomorrow night), maybe have a couple "strong ones" while watching the DVD's.
6. Remain "lazy" the rest of the day, possibly turning on the webcam at some point after returning from Suncoast.
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