February 6th, 2003

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Yeah, Right....

During the past month, I've gotten two postcards in the mail, the most recent with the word "Urgent" in big letters...

"Dear Albert Sims, 83:

We need your help immediately! Right now our publisher is in the process of collecting current biographical information for the West Monroe High School comprehensive directory of graduates. Our plan is to research the most recent data on alumni representing all existing class years for this exclusive personal reference volume. We do not want to print the directory until we hear from you! A brief telephone call at this time will guarantee that you are properly listed in this important historical register.

Kindly call our official publication office at Harris Publishing Company to ensure that your individual listing is complete, accurate, and up-to-date."

If they are waiting to hear from me, they'll be waiting a long damn time! Being my high school years were some of the worst of my life, I refuse to even acknowledge I went there! This is almost as bad as in 1993, when they sent something concerning a "10 year" reunion. Tossed that in the garbage, same place this postcard is now going!
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