January 6th, 2003

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Ever Feel Like Pulling Your Hair Out?

I just tried loading a program I use quite a lot onto the new machine, Easy CD Creator, discovered my version will not work with Windows XP. So much for transferring any more old recordings my friends and I did back in the 80's onto CD until I either buy the new version at $99 or try to find a "hacked" copy using WinMX. Need the noise filtering software that comes with it to knock out a lot of the static in the old tapes... I went to Roxio's website, the only "option" for upgrading for XP was to buy the new version...
This brings to two the number of incompatible things I've found so far, the other being the Alaris webcam...

I was glad to see that my old "downloaded" versions of Macromedia Dreamweaver and Paint Shop Pro 7 seem to work as well as on the old machine, along with my registered copy of Webcam 32. Haven't yet attempted to load the software for my external USB HP CD burner, but if it doesn't work, no real big deal, since the new computer has a faster, built in, CD-RW drive...
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News Headlines From The Past Week(For Those That Missed Them)

1. Despite New Year's festivities, New York City man with undescended testicle still waiting for the ball to drop
2. Hubble telescope uses new technique to weigh faraway planet; "we are still unable to assess the precise mass of larger objects, such as Rosie O'Donnell" admits scientist
3. China to mass-produce AIDS drugs; in clinical studies Chinese versions succeed in making Kaposi's sarcomas go away, but they return one hour later
4. Point/Counterpoint: Underage binge drinking a growing problem, or growing opportunity?
5. Orangutans show signs of culture; "They use napkins, say goodnight, and most importantly, do not root for the Jets," explains researcher
6. Obesity still increasing in US; "all we can do is hand out more 'No Fat Chicks' bumper stickers and pray," states CDC director
7. Bush says US ready for war if needed; "heck, we're good to go even if it isn't needed," beams President
8. And now for something completely different - Monty Python director Ian MacNaughton dead at 76
9. Back-to-back suicide bombings kill 23 in Tel Aviv; Hamas set sights on a "Three-peat"
10.Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne renew their wedding vows on TV; unintelligible promises apparently include something about having, holding and getting the fucking dog out of here
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