December 30th, 2002

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I'm off work the next two nights, but probably still will be away from the computer most of these two days. I need to finish watching the "Back To The Future" DVD Trilogy I bought last week(only watched the first of three so far), need to watch the latest "Carol Burnett Show" tape Columbia House sent me last week, and picked up a copy of "Porky's" on DVD at KMart this morning when I stopped by there to buy some groceries(they had it for $9.99). Also, I'll probably be trying to get through a few more levels of "Metroid Prime"...
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I'm listening to WOLF-FM online-playing via winamp, got Trillian, Opera 7 Beta, Eudora, FreeAgent, Norton Anti-Virus, ZoneAlarm, all running at the same time on a PC with 350 MHz processor, 128 MB long before this thing freezes?
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    (WOLF FM - The hottest mix of the 70s, 80s and today!)