December 18th, 2002

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Old Friends

My old friend James, who I've known since high school, stopped by a while yesterday...

He was smarter than I was, he was drinking root beer, and I was already heavily into the bourbon and Pepsi at the time he showed up. I don't think he had a clue the webcam was running though...
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New Page Added To Website

I just spent most of the morning adding a new page to my website that not a lot of people will see, because I am not going to list it in the "site index". It's a collection of some of the "not safe for work" pictures I've posted on various LJ communities over the past couple of years. I would have tried to list it and "password protect" it, but after reading up on passwords, and not being able to make heads nor tails out of what I was reading, I gave up on that idea, and opted to just not list it, and only give out the URL to selected persons. I think it will have the result of causing people to feel ill in the stomach area...
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