December 11th, 2002

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Nothing more annoying than buying a product, liking it a lot, wanting to inform the company they have a nice product, go to their website , and only getting a "This Page Currently Under Construction" message!
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Almost Forgot...

Saw the funniest thing yesterday while out buying my Nintendo...I drove by Target(it's near the Toys 'r' Us where I bought the machine), and guess who I saw out on the parking lot collecting shopping carts? The head manager Shawn! Guess all their other cart attendants quit too! Serves 'em right! I wouldn't miss the place now if they shut down completely! I still don't think they are doing good business at that store...Toys 'r' Us, and even Lowes-the home improvement store, had more cars on their parking lot than Target did!
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Yes, I'm Strange....

I was at KMart earlier today, and as I was leaving, saw one of those "sidewalk Santas" outside the exit. So, I reach into my pocket, grab a handfull of change, and drop it in the kettle. The guy then says, "Thanks, just ruined the soup!"
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