December 10th, 2002

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Aren't I Getting Too Old For This?

In case you were confused by yesterdays posts, I'll clear the air. Back when I was married, the ex had talked me into buying a Nintendo game system. We also bought a game called "Metroid". I liked that game quite a lot. Well, I saw where Nintendo came out with a new version, called "Metroid Prime" for the GameCube system. So, yesterday, I went and bought the game...and this to go with it...

Ack! Dust seems to show up on my furniture more in photos than in real life!
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Taking an eye rest...

Got eye strain and mild cramps in the hands...time to take a break from "Metroid Prime". I'm up three levels already, and have saved my progress(glad I remembered to buy a memory card...otherwise I'd have to start from scratch each time!).