December 7th, 2002

drink coffee


Received the first paycheck from this new job...haven't seen a paycheck that good in almost two years! I'll have to wait until Monday to cash it though.
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drink coffee

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Just woke up to get ready for work...and noticed there were 23 "Unknown Callers" on my caller ID...two calls from "Willstaff Worldwide", and one from "Snelling Personnel". I've been turning my ringer off during the day so I can get some decent sleep before I haven't a clue as to what any of it is all about! I never answer "Unknown Callers" anyway, because 99.9% chance, it's telemarketers. As for "Willstaff"...I haven't been back there to update an employement profile since at least May, and they told me once they only keep job seekers on file 90 days unless the person comes back before then to update their profile. As for "Snelling", another job seeker company...I've never applied there to begin with...I'm guessing they had a wrong number...
But still, I've NEVER had 23 "Unknown Callers" in one day...not even that many in one month! According to the caller-ID time stamp, they were calling an average of every 15 minutes...