December 2nd, 2002

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Wonder If They'd Lock Me Away?

I've been listening to some of the old radio shows I've been downloading, and thought of something goofy. You know how they leave the commercials in those programs, and how some of the products advertised had special offers from time to time? Like the show I was just listening to, commercials for "Old Dutch Cleanser"...they had an offer that if you sent in two cut-outs of the windmill on their packaging along with 25 cents, they would send you an imitation amethyst jewelry pin, worth "$1.00" at the time..September 1939.
I know they still make the cleanser...I've seen it in stores, still has the windmill logo also. Wonder what would happen if I sent them two windmill cut-outs from the package along with a quarter and told them I wanted my imitation amethyst jewelry pin???
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