November 20th, 2002

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First day of training went fairly well. I just need to get settled into a "routine" there, like cleaning, emptying garbage, stocking the cooler, etc, when business is slow. Also, since they do not have "scanners" for the items they sell, I need to eventually memorize the "PLU Codes" for the various items, like cigarettes, beer, grocery items, fountain drinks, etc. The way my memory is, may take me a while to get those down pat. Also, got to get the hang of the money order machine and the lottery ticket machine. The register and the PLU codes will be my biggest obsticle to overcome, since Target, although they trained me a couple times on a register before they opened the store, never actually had me run one with real customers(and they had scanners). Never worked a register in all my previous years of employment, until now, and with this job, it is a requirement. But as long as I'm doing it every day, I should catch on soon.

Still having trouble sleeping at night(I've been out of bed a couple hours already, even though I don't go in until 10am central time today). I'm going to put off buying anything for the sleeplessness until I know for sure my hours. The boss says after I'm trained, she's thinking of putting me on the "overnight" shift...which would work well with my current bout with insomnia! Fixing a pot of coffee as I'm typing this, to try to be a little alert when I go in(if not "jittery" also...lots of coffee does that to me).

Other Subjects...

What the f*ck is up with Michael Jackson this time? Damned freak goes and holds his 9 month old over a 4th story balcony in Berlin...and he claims he just got "carried away" because the crowd wanted to see the baby! He should "get carried away" JAIL for child endangerment! The crowd didn't actually get to see the baby anyway, Jackson had the childs face covered! Jackson is the only one who should be covering his face...he looks like Lon Chaney in "The Phantom Of The Opera"!
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