November 12th, 2002

drink coffee

Trouble Sleeping

It's only 5:45am, I'm already out of bed and showered/shaved, and I don't even work today(unless someone calls). Last night and Sunday night, I went to bed relatively early, but mostly just laid there both nights, unable to doze off. I MIGHT have slept about an hour and a half total last night, but I've been awake since at least 3:30am. Figured about half an hour ago that I apparently wasn't going to get back to sleep, so just went ahead and got up. My eyes feel heavy, but I just can't seem to sleep...
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drink coffee

Job Results

Got a call around 8:45 this morning from the Shell Stop-n-Save...I'm assuming I might actually be getting a job there. The boss sent me for a drug test, and she said after the results came in, she would call me back. Haven't "drank" anything since Saturday night, so I should be okay test wise. No problems "producing" a sample...had a big 32 ounce glass of iced tea this morning!
Not sure of any work hours yet, won't find that out I guess until I get called back. She said it would be around 30 hours a week though, which is about 20 more per week than Target was scheduling me. Plus, the Shell is only about a mile from my house, compared to around 15 miles to Target. I think it helped that I halfway know George that works there. Worked with his brother Paul almost 5 years when I was at Burger King.

Well, I've been up since early this morning, haven't eaten yet...need to fix a bite(stopped by the grocery store on the way home, cupboards were bare). My stomach is growling at me...
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