October 21st, 2002

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Feeling Bland...

Saturday night while I was at work, I had to put on a raincoat most of the evening to collect carts from the parking lot. It was a little cold that evening also. Currently, my head is totally stuffed up, my eyes watering. Running a mild fever. Called in today, but unless I get worse, I'm not going to the public hospital to sit around all day waiting to see a doctor. If Target doesn't like the idea of no "doctors excuse", all I can say is "Oh well!"
Tomorrow morning, if I'm feeling at least slightly better, I'm going back to Wal-Mart and talk to that friend of mine that works there again. If I don't get any results there, I'm going to go ahead and call my old boss from Burger King, who is now the District Manager of the "Popeyes Chicken" restaurants in the area, and see if he can put me on at one of the restaurants. When he came into Target a while back and saw me, he said "If things don't work out here, give me a call. We are always looking for good workers." I'm sure he would see I would get more hours than Target is giving me. They only scheduled me today and Friday, and a total of 10 hours...that barely pays for my gas driving over there! A LOT of people have already quit Target because of the lack of hours, including one supervisor. When someone quits, instead of giving more hours to the people still there, they hire more people. Target seems to be one lame excuse for a company...
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