October 13th, 2002

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Got Hacked By A Virus I Think...

The reason I haven't been online much this weekend was because I was doing yet another "Full Restore" on my computer. Friday night, it suddenly started just booting in "safe mode", tried numerous things to get it to boot normal, including choosing "Normal" from the boot screen. I took a look at the "System Properties" during that time and noticed my registration for Windows had been changed to someone named "Forger", at some kind of Dev Arts business...even the registration number was changed! After I restored the first time a few days ago, I re-downloaded all the Norton Anti-virus updates, but I guess that one slipped through...unless I was "hacked"(most of that stuff is Greek to me).
So this time, for the first time, apart from just using Norton Anti-Virus, I am also running the free version of the"Zone Alarm" firewall...I've heard Leo Laporte on TechTV rate it highly numerous times. Guess I should have downloaded a firewall right after getting DSL...but I procrastinated. Might look into the paid version "Zone Alarm Pro" later when my money situation gets better, it seems to have some extra features that look interesting.
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