October 8th, 2002

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What an evening!

Get in from work, computer has re-booted itself into safe mode, apparently after a power outage(microwave clock was blinking) while I was at work. ran Scandisc, solved the problem(glad I didn't have to "restore" again...just finished all that before going to work this afternoon!
Also, once I collect my email, it is full of about 20 spam messages within the 8 hours I was gone...BellSouth apparently hasn't gotten their "MailGuard" spam filtering system back up and running since the server outage the other day...there's an email in there that triggers my Norton Anti-Virus announcing the mail is infected with the Klez virus...subject line and text in the email, "W32.Klez Virus Removal Tools"...hadn't seen that subject line in a virus before...
Oh, well...haven't been in long, going to shower, fix a bite to eat, and get me a good stiff drink!
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