September 17th, 2002

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Day before yesterday, after getting sick of constant pop-ups by Norton Anti-Virus warning me of virus attatched emails, I decided to try a different email client. I went to the website for the "Eudora" email client. So far, I like it. It has a setting the other email clients I've used don't have, a size limit on downloading emails. You can set it for a certain number of kilobites as the limit, and it will leave emails over that size on the server. It does prompt you as to whether or not you would want to download that email though, by letting you know who it is from. I have noticed the smallest virus emails I've gotten(the "Yaha" ones) always come in at 41 KB, the largest, the Klez, is generally over 170KB in size. I set Eudora not to download any emails over 40KB in size. So far, it has stopped an obvious "Klez" this morning from getting into my inbox(178KB). I just went to the BellSouth Webmail site and deleted the warnings from Norton that way!

Norton has been VERY reliable in catching and stopping viruses on my computer thus far (over 160 entries in the Norton Anti-Virus log), but I'd rather be "doublely" safe, just in case it MIGHT slip up sometime!
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