August 31st, 2002

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After a couple months of testing various browsers on my computer, I have went back exclusively with Internet Explorer. It seems to be the only browser out there that is compatible with everything! Also sticking with Outlook Express as my email client. It is the only one that will work with all three email accounts I have, my ISP, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Reasons I don't like the other browsers:

Netscape: I followed all instructions(more than once) trying to get embedded media players to work. The RealPlayer embedded player would work, but nothing I did would get embedded Windows Media Player(as on to function. Kept getting an error message saying to "Upgrade to newest version of Netscape Navigator". Is there a newer version out than 7.0???

Mozilla: Still problems with embedded media players, except NONE of them seemed to have wanted to work in this browser!

Opera: Lots of pages on the internet would not display correctly. Embedded RealPlayer worked until I upgraded Netscape browser, then everytime I went to a page that used RealPlayer(like David Letterman's site at, Opera would crash. Was never able to get Windows Media Player to function in Opera.

It seems Microsoft is winning the "browser war" here at my house. Their browser is the only one that seems to do everything right. And since I downloaded "EMS Free Surfer mk II", I haven't been bothered by pop-up ads in IE!

I'll be at work today from 6pm-10:30pm, unless I get called in early.
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I've kind of neglected to update everyone here about my telephone service. Both Wednesday and Thursday night it worked during the "usual" outage times. Hoping that means they actually have it fixed this time. Not sure about last night, was at work during that time. Will be at work tonight during that time. Will check again tomorrow night(if I don't get called in).
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