August 19th, 2002

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Got a early birthday card in the mail today. Getting to the age I'd rather not think of birthdays. Don't want any presents, unless it involves an attractive woman and some "heavy intimacy"...been seriously lacking in that department the past six years...not even sure after all this time if I'd remember "how"...
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Damn BellSouth!

Okay, this time I'm mad at BellSouth not for anything internet...I was going to try to call a friend, and every feckin' phone in the house is dead! No dial tone, the little green lights on the phone indicating phone line "power" aren't even working! Strange, though, my DSL, which is coming over the same line, is working just fine...go figure that the pin-heads at BellSouth would be THAT screwed up!

UPDATE: Just drove around an approximately 4 block area near my house trying to find a pay-telephone to call BellSouth about my problem, but every phone I saw(about six) were vandalized and not in working order! My mom next door has already gone to bed, so I can't find out if her phone is working or not...guess I'm stuck without a phone until sometime tomorrow...GRRRR!!!!!!
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Telephone Pt.2

Just found a place to email BellSouth on their website for repair service,since my internet is the only thing this "form letter" in response:

Thank you for your online inquiry to BellSouth. Consumer Services. We
appreciate your business and will respond as quickly as possible.

This is an automatic acknowledgement of your message
received on 8/19/02.

Please do not reply to this message.

Consumer Internet Response Team

"As quickly as possible", means: "Next Month Sometime".....
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Telephone Pt.3

Phones "seem" to be working again, but too late to call my friend. Fairly certain it wasn't the email...those pin-heads at BellSouth wouldn't reply THAT fast....
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