August 11th, 2002

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BellSouth Changes

BellSouth may have done right by the "MailGuard" spam filter thingy, but they are screwing up on their 10MB of personal webspace they offer with their internet connection. They are requiring all their customers to transfer all their files to another server before the end of this month, and those who have actual websites on BellSouth will now have "banner ads" automatically placed on them. The BellSouth ADSL Newsgroup I read on a daily basis is FULL of disgruntled customers. I would be more disgruntled myself if my website was on BellSouth's servers I guess. Only thing I use my BellSouth space for is hosting pictures I post on LJ and other sites, and I'm in the process of going back at least to the first of this year and editing my LJ entries to change the URL that links to the "image source".
I've read in the newsgroup that a few people with their sites on BellSouth have had their site deleted because they added a statement on their site telling people to boycott any advertiser they see on their page. Personally, I think BellSouth is being totally unreasonable about that, and for placing ads on peoples personal webspace to begin with! If they start running ads on peoples personal webspace, they should start discounting peoples bills each month by at least $10!

Course these are just my opinions...I could be wrong....
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