August 8th, 2002

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Well, I went to drop off the mail at my moms place next door, made a call to Susan's number from there, actually got an answering machine this time. Left my name and phone number....
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My ISP, BellSouth, has started up a "spam filtering" feature called MailGuard. So far, I'm very impressed with it. Only a couple spams have gotten through to my "Inbox" all week. The rest have went straight to the "MailGuard" folder. I check that online folder occassionally just to make sure no important emails are getting counted as spam, and so far, none have. All my newsletters I subscribe to, my LJ comments, etc, are coming to me like they should. I'm amazed that BellSouth might have actually done something right for a change!
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New Page

Experimenting on my website with a new page, "Cam Archives 2002", selected webcam shots from April till July this year,whenever I've had my webcam on. Didn't have the Webcam32 set-up before April, so no pictures before then. Will attempt to update the page at the end of each month, time permitting.

DISCLAIMER:Some of the images may not be "safe for work"...or safe for anywhere for that matter!