August 2nd, 2002

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Awake Earlier Than Planned

Intended to try to sleep until at least 10:30 this morning since I'm working Noon-8:30pm today(wanted to get as much rest as possible), but woke up around 8am and couldn't get back to sleep. I've already done one thing I forgot to do Sunday, and that is to set my VCR to tape the repeat of "Eastenders" this afternoon, so I can watch it after I get in tonight. Got a long weekend coming up, gotta be at work tomorrow from 3-11pm, then practically do a "turn-around" and be back Sunday at 8am! Not off again until Tuesday, and by then, I'm probably going to be too tired to do anything!
Well, off to shower, shave, and grab a bite to eat before leaving this morning...
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