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July 27th, 2002

drink coffee

(no subject)

I am totally sunburned on my arms and face. The supervisor at work noticed, without me saying anything. They are going to provide sunscreen to me free of charge....
drink coffee

Sunburn Pt.2

Didn't realize until I got home and looked in the mirror the extent of my sunburn! Here are two unaltered pictures of the face and part of my right arm (pictures only altered for size purposes)....

I sprayed my arms with some "aloe vera" spray before I left work(which they supplied also). When I get there in the morning, I'll need to go to their supply closet and get that tube of sunscreen before I hit the parking lot! All I have here to put on the burn at the moment is some "Lubriderm Lotion". The free sunscreen and aloe vera spray stays at work, so the other cart attendants will have access to it... I have also acquired "red sore areas" on my inner thighs, think from the heat and friction of my pants(or my legs-I'm not as slender as I used to be), not sure WHAT to do about that!