July 15th, 2002

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First day...

Just completed my first "day" at Target, if you can call it that, was only there around four hours. I was trained on the register, the customer service desk, and the "cart machine",a self propelled pusher for multiple carts out on the parking lot. The stuff I've learned is fairly easy, the registers are pretty much self-explainatory, if you follow what's on the screen after you scan the products, not really much to it.
Not sure when I go back in yet...schedules hadn't been done yet, I need to call them sometime after 5 this afternoon. Next Tuesday, they are having what they call a "soft opening"...the store will be open, but it won't be advertised or anything until the 28th. Just if anyone "notices" the store is open as of next Tuesday, they can come in and shop.
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Okay, a question. I have over 100 channels on the satellite, I'll soon be 37 years old, yet I'm watching "Dudley Dooright","Rocky & Bullwinkle", "Underdog", and "Tennessee Tuxedo"...what is wrong with this picture???