July 11th, 2002

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Orientation went well. There were about ten of us there. The woman explained virtually everything about the benefits,proccedures, etc... I'll get paid for todays 2 hours 45 minutes. Would have been longer, but the two training CD-Roms they wanted us to watch kept popping "Error" messages up on the screen, so we'll watch those Monday afternoon, after they show us how to operate the registers. Registers will be something completely new to me, all those years in fast food, I never once worked register, just cooked! She said Monday, after register training and watching the CD-Roms, I will probably start helping to stock, since the store opens on the 28th.
Discovered they don't actually supply you with a "uniform", and you need a red polo shirt and khaki pants, two things that didn't exsist in my closet. Since Target is near the mall, I went to Sears, found a nice red "generic" polo shirt for $9.98. Cheapest khaki pants they had however was $34.99. I said "Screw That!"...paid for my shirt, and came back to my side of the river to KMart. Found a nice pair of Khaki pants on sale for $16.99, regular priced $24.99. Have to wait until my money situation gets a little better to buy a couple more sets, but by then I can probably buy them at Target and get 10% off!
Also bought a bottle of something at KMart to help me "live it up tonight and feel dreadful tomorrow"...may be the last time for a long time I'll have a chance to do that, since starting Monday, I'll regularly be working!
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