June 18th, 2002

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Feeling Stupid...

My computer started getting "sluggish" last night, so I decided to reboot. Kept getting error messages each time I tried to restart the computer. Finally gave up and went to bed. Checked the computer again this morning, discovered the only reason it wasn't restarting was that I had left a floppy disc in the drive....
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About a month or so ago, I emailed the local congressman and the two senators of the state about the license fees concerning internet radio. I received an email reply from the doofus congressman John Cooksey, who was in favor of the license fees. I received a letter in the mail a couple weeks later from Senator John Breaux, who said he thought the music industry needed to be compensated, but he thought the fees that were proposed were far too high.
Today, in the mailbox, I find a letter from Senator Mary Landrieu, that started off like this:

Dear Mr. Sims:
Thank you for contacting me to express your views on the issue of human cloning. I am pleased to join Senator Brownback in sponsoring legislation that would ban human cloning while paving the the way for ground-breaking and promising research on cures for diseases such as Parkinson's disease, diabetes, Alzheimers, and cancer.

How could she possibly confuse internet radio license fees with human cloning?? I could care less about human cloning! Oh...I forgot...she's a blonde!
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In other news, I went to the "Target" construction site to check up on things this morning...the person said they hope to start calling people sometime next week...
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WTF, Part Two...

Okay, just fired off a quick response email to Senator Mary Landrieu's office, in which I said...

I sent an email a little over a month ago stating my displeasure over the proposed "internet radio station" license fees. I get a letter from your office today talking about "human cloning", something that has never even been on my mind! Mary, you're letting your "blondness" show through, aren't you?

Hopefully she won't send the Secret Service after me....