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June 17th, 2002

drink coffee

(no subject)

Looks like my mom will miss a day of work tomorrow. Her car "died" on her mail route Saturday afternoon, so she had a wrecker take it in to the Chevrolet place. Being a Saturday, there were no mechanics there, so they weren't able to get around to it until today. They called her around 3pm and said they think it was just the battery, but they have yet to call back to say they are finished with it. Mom believes they close up shop at 5:30pm, and it's past that point now, so I guess it'll be sometime tomorrow before she gets her car back.*

*=having to post about my mom, because nothing exciting has been happening to me lately...still no word yet from "Target", although they said they would let me know something "one way or the other". Just felt I was overdue for an entry of some kind!....
drink coffee

New LJ Member...

Anyone who wants to greet a new member to LiveJournal...my goofy aunt just started a journal...feel free to say "Hello" to hard2kill !