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June 8th, 2002

drink coffee

(no subject)

I've only been awake a few hours, and this is already turning out to be an extremely boring weekend!
drink coffee

Directv Telephone Spam...

Telephone rang, "Unknown Caller" showed up on caller-ID, picked it up, it was a pre-recorded message from Directv trying to sell me that stupid fight! I'm on Louisiana's "Do Not Call" list, but unfortunately it doesn't apply to companies you already do business with. This is the first time they have called like that, so I'll let them slide this time. But if they do it again, I'm going to call them and give them a cussing!
drink coffee


My LiveJournal is Cool!

Awesome! You're not one of the teeny bopper kids new to LJ

who think people actually care about them and which smurf

they are! In fact, it possibly pisses you off! You try to keep
to yourself on LJ so that random newbies won't add you to their

list. Don't be afraid to tell them to fuck the hell off, even if
they are your friends.

I took the LJ rating test by Atomic Blue and Cracker Face!

drink coffee

Small Rain + Entergy = "No Power"

We got a nice little shower here for the first time in several weeks, and the electricity went out for almost three hours. Typical of the pinheads running the local power company! Had to unplug the PC and my cordless phone during that time, for the first hour or so, the electricity was popping on for about a millisecond every ten seconds or so, just enough to make the fan blades turn about an inch each time. Didn't want any "power surges" blowing anything out, even though it's all plugged into a surge protector. Normally don't unplug the cordless phone, but each time the power surged, the phone made a series of "beeping sounds", and after hearing that about every ten seconds for a half hour, I couldn't take it anymore and HAD to unplug the thing!
drink coffee

So Much For That...

I was kind of hoping the power would be back on at least in time to watch "America's Most Wanted"...well, the power's on, but I still can't watch the show...apparently the local Fox affiliate has no power now! Nothing but static on the channel! I really don't get it, there was just a little shower, no thunder, no wind, no lightening...just a little rain! This day is turning out even more boring than it was earlier!